Welcome to Flexible Supplies

Flexible Supplies was established to provide specialist servicing to the Industrial, Marine, and Hydraulic hose markets.

Flexible Supplies stock a complete range of products for all industrial and marine applications and maintain an extensive reseller network.

With the major service centre based on the Gold Coast, Flexible Supplies provides technical support second to none. Our product specialists have over 60 years of combined industrial experience.

Industry Focus

Whilst Flexible Supplies is focused on servicing the Industrial and Marine sectors, we have a broad range of products and expertise to meet the demanding needs and conditions of a variety of industries including:

  • Mining
  • Dewatering Industry
  • Mechanical Services
  • Chemical
  • Waste Transport
  • Automotive
  • Construction
  • Food & Beverage
  • Agriculture

For the hard to get specialised lines, we have a special order technical procurement division that will track down your specific requirements.





The extensive range of hose available incorporates rubber, hydraulic, PVC, PTFE, embracing all applications for fuel, water, waste, in suction or delivery, marine, hydraulic and pneumatic installations.
Hose Fittings
Our comprehensive range of camlocks, claw couplings, Bauer, Travis and other hose associated fittings provide us with the leverage needed to remain leaders in our field. We are renowned for stocking and sourcing the ‘hard to get’ hose ends.
An extensive variety of clamps are available from worm drive, T-Bolt, constant torque, hose restraints, double and single heavy duty bolt type in stainless steel or zinc plated to accommodate marine and industrial applications.
A significant part of our business is the supply of valves and valve controls. We have a comprehensive range of standard ball, gate, butterfly, check and foot valves up to 300mm NB. Special valve requirements are quickly sourced from within Australia or through our network of International specialist suppliers.
Pipe Fittings
We stock a wide range of pipe fittings including: Galvanised malleable, galvanised and black steel, Buttweld, stainless steel, bronze, PVC, Screwed, Polypropylene, slip-on & weld-neck flanges in ANSII50, ISO & BST drillings. There is also a wide selection of pipe accessories such as support clamps, tapping saddles, flange gaskets.
Our hydraulic hoses are assembled/swaged at our factory premises offering a range of hose applications from low pressure to 1, 2 wire and multi-spiral high pressure in association with a comprehensive range of couplings and adaptors.
Our range of ducting include applications for fume and dust extraction to heavy duty anti static for abrasive material, powder and granules. Higher working temperature ducting also available.
Expansion Bellows Joints
Rubber, metallic and fabric expansion joints are used for the thermal or vibration movements in piping systems or from pumps. We stock a comprehensive range of single arch rubber expansion joints and have metallic expansion bellows manufactured in Australia or overseas. We can also assist in the engineering design of expansion joints to suit your piping engineer’s requirements.